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Digital Marketing Myths and How We Help You Avoid Them

In the world of digital marketing, there are a lot of people out there that call themselves consultants that simply peddle myths vs. reality in order to make a quick buck.  We often find when meeting new potential clients that they’ve often had bad experiences or are highly skeptical of digital marketing because of working with individuals or fly-by-night firms that tell them what they want to hear rather than deliver.

Getting Those Hard-to-Get Meetings

I often get conflicted sometimes about the idea of “sales”.  I typically do not like the term, nor do I like the concept of selling in general.  That may seem odd, considering the business we’re in, but “selling” often conjures an image of the slick-dressed, pushy salesperson that annoys you over and over again in a store. For me, it’s a big turn-off.

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Why Serving on a Board May Benefit You

Are you looking to improve your leadership abilities and grow your career with a trajectory toward a spot in the C-Suite?  An interesting study recently released from the Harvard Business Review finds that a serving on a board of another firm or firms can not only increase position level over time, but also your salary.

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Maintaining A Thriving Global Professional Network

Do you consider yourself a strong networking person? Are you an effective communicator?  Do you have a personal story and brand that you enjoy sharing? Is it authentic? Are you ready to establish strong ties across cultures in other countries to work and lead globally? Trust me, the real juice is in sharing your story, not just your business card. Doing so gives serendipity a chance to blossom.

Time-Saving Strategies for Generating Content

A robust content marketing approach will help connect with your target audience and drive sales, but sometimes producing all of that content can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are several ways that you can save time generating great content for your website, email, social and other marketing channels.

The Gavin Report - Are You Ruining Your Office Culture?
Are You Ruining Your Office Culture?

I read with interest an article highlighting an interview with an author of an office culture book and thought I’d share.  According to statistics cited in the interview, between 70-80% of employees are actively disengaged at work.  Whether they lack the luxury to be able to care about enjoying their work, or they’ve simply been preconditioned to consider their job as a necessary evil, work happiness isn’t even on the radar of most employees.

The Gavin Report - E-Commerce Growth Study Harvard
The Strong and Growing Grip of E-Commerce

You might think that you exercise complete and total control over the money you spend. In today’s e-commerce world, however, the simple fact is that technology has made shopping almost too easy.  Now, consumers buy things online without thinking very much about it.

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