Future In Review

fire - future in review conference 2013
Sensing Global Ocean Health

Dr. Roger Payne led an informative and sometimes startling discussion about the overall health of our oceans today during our FiRe Breakout Sessions. Dr. Payne’s organization, Ocean Alliance, is currently addressing the challenge of trying to measure background contaminants in the ocean.  One of those, PCBs “are one of the big problems along with organic halogens, such as chlorine and bromine, which are shockingly insoluble in water but incredibly soluble in fats.

fire - future in review conference 2013
Energy Futures – What’s the Plan?

“Energy futures are primarily an infrastructure play,” according to Craig Wilkins, President of Zinc Air.  Wilkins, along with Stefano Poli, CEO of Electro Power Systems, was co-moderator of today’s FiRe Breakout Session.  Topics of discussion included the concept of the micro grid, the challenges of infrastructure improvement and load reach to remote areas, load loss, and the role that alternative energy and storage capacities play in improving energy efficiency and delivery.