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Time-Saving Strategies for Generating Content

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A robust content marketing approach will help connect with your target audience and drive sales, but sometimes producing all of that content can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are several ways that you can save time generating great content for your website, email, social and other marketing channels.

1. Recycle/Re-purpose – Do you have a ton of existing content just lying around? Instead of reinventing the wheel every time you have to produce a new bit of content, reach back in those archives and see if there’s something that you can tweak and re-purpose. If those folks on HGTV can re-purpose furniture, you can re-purpose your content!

You can also create segments of information such as “from the archives” or “ICYMI: In Case You Missed It” and recycle content into these feature segments. You could also reprint your materials on other platforms such as LinkedIn articles, take list-type articles and break them down point by point in depth, take a look at reader comments and feedback for ideas, or create a collection around a new theme. There are plenty of ways to recycle.

2. Write Only During Your Peak time – Are there moments in the day that you feel more focused, more in tune, and less distracted? Can you crank it out during those times? Set those times aside and maximize!

3. Mass Produce – Manufacturers benefit from quantities of scale. Why not mass produce your posts? Instead of taking time out to do one post a day, carve out a block of time and nail all 2 or 3 for your entire week. Or crank out 10-15 for your entire month. Now you can spend a few more minutes scheduling them out and, voila, your month is done and you can move on to other tasks.

4. Be a Journalist – Interviewing someone is an easy way to generate content. Plus, readers love Q&A style. Find people in your industry and get their wisdom down in a post or article. Plus, it helps you grow your network! Pro tip: If you record it, you can also re-purpose this same interview article content into a podcast to post on your site, on social media, or embedded in your email campaign. See #1.

5. Aggregate and Curate – Don’t just find links to articles and information, add your secret sauce to it. Add your opinion and expertise to it. Tell your audience what you think about the topic involved and show off your chops. This builds authenticity, authority and trust with your audience and will be invaluable to the growth of your business.

Need a holistic marketing strategy that puts all of the pieces together to work seamlessly to grow your business? Let Gavin P. Smith Consulting show you the vision and organize/deploy/manage the tactics you need to succeed.

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