William and Mary Mason School of Business

William & Mary MBAA Marine Corps Toys 4 Tots Annual Toy Drive

Part of the overall “MBA experience” at the Mason School of Business involves making valuable connections to our community.  At Mason, we encourage and develop future leaders of tomorrow through student government activities, club and committee involvement, leadership development mentoring, executive partner coaching and team-building.  It is incumbent upon the leaders of tomorrow to not only strive to build better businesses, products and services, but also to build a better community.  It should always be our goal to “leave things a bit better than we found them”.  This has been my mantra for all of my professional and academic life.

Gavin P. Smith outside of the Late Show with David Letterman Theater, NYC, 2012.
Reach for the Sky: Real Estate and MBA Experience in NYC

The second year of the Mason School of Business MBA experience is really where you can begin to branch out from the grueling fundamentals of business and begin to explore key areas of interest for your future.  The Mason School accommodates this by allowing each student to pick their own Career Acceleration Modules in the fall semester of their second year.  Each student gets to pick two of these modules in disciplines ranging from corporate financial markets to entrepreneurship.  One of the newer and fascinating offerings is the Real Estate Entrepreneurship CAM with Dr. Ben Bolger.

William & Mary MBAA: A Vibrant Community of Student Engagement

The MBA Association is more than just the sum of its clubs and committees.  The MBAA is a vehicle for communication, dialogue, networking and engagement.  It is a critical ‘junction box’ connecting students with business leaders, community professionals, career recruiters, valuable alumni and most importantly, each other.  Our clubs and committees offer students a way to join together through common interest to provide peer learning experiences and to provide a helping hand up into their desired career paths.