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Gavin Consulting - Radio Broadcast Consulting
Financial Analysis: ClearChannel & SiriusXM

In this paper, we examine two different organizations in the radio broadcasting industry: Clear Channel Media Holdings and Sirius-XM Satellite Radio.  We will give a brief overview of each of the companies and then examine some of the major financing decisions they have made in recent years. We will further examine their financial status, focusing on their debt to equity structure, and try to determine their financing strategy given the nature of their business.

Gavin P. Smith - Operations Case Analysis: Herman Miller
Operations Design Analysis: Herman Miller

CRADLE-TO-CRADLE DESIGN AT HERMAN MILLER I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY “At best, the view of sustainability as an endless journey of incremental steps does a disservice to managers seeking to square economy with ecology sooner rather than later. At worst, it serves…

Gavin P. Smith - Operations Design Analysis: National Cranberry
Operations Design Analysis: National Cranberry

NATIONAL CRANBERRY COOPERATIVE, 1996 I.      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Problems faced at the National Cranberry Cooperative (NCC) were not properly addressed in the new capital expenditures made in 1995.  The previous $200,000 investment in a new dumper did not solve the problem…

Gavin P. Smith - Coca-Cola Sales Forecast Analysis
2012 Sales Forecast Analysis – Coca-Cola

Introduction One hundred, twenty five years ago, Dr. John Pemberton had a simple idea.  Bring the joy of refreshment to people.  Essentially, through that refreshing feeling, people can find joy in life.  That is, and has always been, our product. …

Gavin P. Smith - Marketing Case Analysis Sunnyside Farms
Marketing Analysis – Sunnyside Farms

Executive Summary – Decision After careful analysis of the options, there are two options to pursue in tandem with a complete annual investment of approximately $1.3 million.  First, if $60,000 per year on advertising is yielding a return of $393,600…

Gavin P. Smith - Chipman Union Marketing Case Analysis
Marketing Analysis – Chipman Union

Executive Summary Chipman-Union faces shrinking gross margins in a highly competitive private label hosiery industry.  While we have enjoyed success early on, we have faced difficulties in re-tooling and reducing our product lines.  As a result, we are in a…

Desalination and Inhibitive Energy Costs

Twelve years ago, the global population of the Earth reached six billion.  This month, it reached seven billion. (Sachs, 2011)  Consumption of water for agricultural purposes is now up to 70% of all available fresh water for human use. (Cosgrove & Rijsberman, 2000, p. 7)  Such elevated water use is beginning to have an effect.