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Gavin P. Smith Interviewed on StoryLine Bus at WFU

Recently, CivilianExposure.org founder Gavin P. Smith was invited to participate in an interview aboard the StoryLine Bus, a project in collaboration with the Wake Forest University Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Center. The StoryLine Bus is an audio interview studio on wheels, designed to be a traveling interview studio to capture stories of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and community and social action.

The StoryLine Bus is part of ECHO, an organization dedicated to fostering trusting relationships and connection (social capital) among diverse people in greater Winston-Salem, NC and beyond. Through StoryLine, ECHO aims to honor the rich diversity of voices throughout the community and to celebrate history, hopes and common humanity.

Aboard the bus, Gavin shared his personal story and the roads that led to the founding of Civilian Exposure in 2013. In the interview, Gavin spoke of the work of Civilian Exposure, the Community Assistance Panel for Camp Lejeune, the ATSDR/CDC in Atlanta and the various studies that were recently released about civilian, military and child mortality risks due to extensive and ongoing Camp Lejeune contamination.

The StoryLine Bus interview provides another unique opportunity for CivilianExposure.org to reach a broader audience in a lasting way. Interviews from the StoryLine Bus will be featured on public radio stations across the state, at Wake Forest University and in a future regional museum project in Winston-Salem, NC.

Listen to the audio:

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