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Gavin P Smith Selected to Join Tribe Partners

Thursday evening, Wren Building, SEcon2012, March 15, 2012
Gavin P Smith speaks with faculty and students at a Social Entrepreneurship event on the campus of William & Mary in 2012.

Gavin P Smith, a 2013 alumnus of the William and Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business, was recently selected as a new member of Tribe Partners.  Tribe Partners is a new select group of alumni with expertise in specific disciplines that have made themselves available to advise future graduates in their career paths.  Tribe Partners are available to mentor students throughout their stay at the College and to assist in a variety of ways to prepare students for their job search.

Tribe Partners are actively employed alumni, successful in the world of work and keenly aware of what it takes in terms of talent and preparation to become successful.  Many of them have had experience in the recruitment and hiring process.  Tribe Partners are all people who feel compelled to volunteer their time, talent and experience with students because they share in Tribe Pride.  They love The College of William & Mary.

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