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Client Success Story: Cayman Islands National Credit Bureau

Gavin P. Smith Consulting has maintained a long-established relationship with CINCB. Since 2008, I’ve worked with CINCB to produce several iterations of their online presence as their business has evolved. In recent years, I worked with CINCB to develop brand personas for B2B and B2C marketing. This resulted in better brand messaging cohesion across web design elements, content, email marketing and social media.

I’ve also produced print collateral and presentation materials for CINCB, assisted in email list cleaning and segmentation, and assisted with increasing both front-end and back-end server security for better data compliance. I’ve assisted in development of a more comprehensive marketing plan, strategy, and tactics (web, mobile, social, email, content, search marketing) for CINCB to succeed in its target market. We have implemented (and continue to manage) full site hosting, design, security and multi-channel monthly outreach and engagement for both their B2B and B2C needs.

Gavin Consulting Client Success - CINCB - Sample Presentation Material

Q: Give us a one-minute history of your business.

A: CINCB has been established for 14 years providing debt collection and credit reporting services for all commercial creditors in the Cayman Islands.

Q: How did you get involved with Gavin Consulting?

A: Gavin Consulting was referred by a friend.

Q: What was the reason that you chose Gavin Consulting?

A: Gavin Consulting provided quality service at a competitive price.

Q: Was price more important than delivery, service, and quality?

A: Pricing was an important factor, however, delivery service and quality were equally important.

Q: Tell me what your experience has been with our products/services?

A: The experience working with Gavin Consulting has been positive overall.

Q: Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with Gavin Consulting? Why that particular word or phrase?

A: Great service and quality.

Q: How has working with Gavin Consulting changed the way your company does business?

A: Gavin Consulting has brought online and electronic marketing to the table for CINCB to add to its sales arsenal.

Q: Have you had our competitors knock on your door? If so, what did you tell them?

A: Yes. I am completely satisfied with my current provider.

Q: Why would you recommend Gavin Consulting to someone else?

A: Gavin Consulting is a professional, service oriented and responsive organization who can give your business a professional online profile.

Q: If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with Gavin Consulting”, what would you tell them?

A: Gavin Consulting will get it done!

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