Orlando Tribune - Greenolution Cover Story 2007

New Color for Orange County

Orlando Joining “Green-olution” ORANGE COUNTY – With recent worldwide concerts to bring awareness to global warming, oodles of scientific studies about greenhouse gases and pollution, and terms like “carbon footprint” becoming hip, Orlando may be jumping on the bandwagon of the growing ‘Green-olution’ sweeping the country.  Orlando officials recently opened the first “green” parking deck, […]

Orlando Tribune - Red Light Sign 2007 - Gavin P Smith

Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

New warning signs at signals across Central Florida warn of red-light fines ORANGE COUNTY – Motorists may soon get an eyeful at traffic lights around the county courtesy of Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty.  The County Mayor is on the march against red light runners and the resulting injuries, costs and damages from red-light related […]

Orlando Tribune - New Water Initiative 2007 - Gavin P Smith

New Water Initiative for Orange County

County Teams With HBA In Effort To Conserve ORANGE COUNTY – Is “green” becoming the new color of Orange County?  It certainly appears so, as county and city officials are inundating the airwaves and recent community meetings with all sorts of conservation initiatives lately.  One such “green” plan that promotes conservation of water is getting […]

Orlando Tribune Disney Pipe Bomb - 2007 - Gavin P Smith

Pipe Bomb At Disney

Prank or serious incident? ORANGE COUNTY – In a time where terrorism fears run rampant, an event that occurred recently at Downtown Disney serves as a reminder that even the smallest incident will get big attention.  Orlando County law enforcement is currently investigating the discovery of a “homemade low-level volume explosive” in a small trash […]

Orlando Tribune Traffic Quagmire 2007 1

Traffic Quagmire

One big downtown mess…but is there hope? ORANGE COUNTY – If you’re an everyday traveler of I-4, the 408, or streets in the downtown area, you are well aware of all of the constant construction going on.  No doubt, the city is undergoing growth.  As a result of higher volumes of traffic in the area, […]

Orlando Tribune - Road Rage 2007 - Gavin P Smith

Road Rage

I-4 driver injured in hail of gunfire ORANGE COUNTY – While most people are accustomed to random daily minor road rage incidents, one recent event serves as a reminder that retaliation could end up in major violence.  On the afternoon of Sunday, July 1, a motorist travelling on I-4 experienced a hail of gunfire as […]