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Visualizing the Jeff Bezos Empire

In marketing, a good way to get attention is through visualization and infographics. While wandering around the internet this week, I stumbled upon a great website that does just that, for every story.

In this visual from Visual Capitalist, check out the mammoth empire of Jeff Bezos. Bezos is rapidly closing in on becoming the richest person on the planet. His acquisitions and investments are among some of the most well-known entities used by millions. In his down time, he is in a race to space against Elon Musk’s SpaceX via his own aerospace firm, Blue Origin.

What can we learn from this infographic? You can glean insight into Bezos’ strategy and structure for growth through investments and acquisitions. Have a look:

Gavin Consulting - The Gavin Report - The Jeff Bezos Empire Infographic

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