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Orlando Tribune - Road Rage 2007 - Gavin P Smith
Road Rage

While most people are accustomed to random daily minor road rage incidents, one recent event serves as a reminder that retaliation could end up in major violence. On the afternoon of Sunday, July 1, a motorist travelling on I-4 experienced a hail of gunfire as a result of an altercation near the Lee Road exit.

Orlando Tribune Traffic Quagmire 2007 1
Traffic Quagmire

If you’re an everyday traveler of I-4, the 408, or streets in the downtown area, you are well aware of all of the constant construction going on. No doubt, the city is undergoing growth. As a result of higher volumes of traffic in the area, large-scale projects are now underway. This includes the most noticeable work taking place on I-4 at Anderson Street.

Orlando Tribune Disney Pipe Bomb - 2007 - Gavin P Smith
Pipe Bomb At Disney

In a time where terrorism fears run rampant, an event that occurred recently at Downtown Disney serves as a reminder that even the smallest incident will get big attention.  Orlando County law enforcement is currently investigating the discovery of a “homemade low-level volume explosive” in a small trash container in one of the Downtown Disney parking lots.

Orlando Tribune Visionary Vacillating 2007 Gavin P Smith
Visionary Vacillating

Orlando County Mayor Richard Crotty recently gave his 7th annual State Of The County Address, marking several goals that he intends to pursue during the coming year. But which are fluff, and which are realistic?

Orlando Tribune - Bowl Story 2007 1 - Gavin P Smith
Perception vs. Reality

Last year, I attended a downtown mixer at City Hall, where Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer spoke of bold plans to renovate of the Citrus Bowl, create a new cultural and performing arts center, and build a new sports and concert arena.  As Buddy bloviated, it sounded magnificent.  I was glad I moved to Orlando to get in on the ground floor of this envisioned boom.

Orange County Budget Blues 2007 Gavin P Smith
In The Line Of Fire

When an in-law that you just can’t stand comes for a visit once a year, the experience can be dreaded and stressful. A similar experience is upon us again. Hurricane season is back.

Orange County Budget Blues 2007 Gavin P Smith
Budget Blues for Orange County

As often seen, actions at the state level can have a profound effect on the activities at a local level. While state lawmakers look ahead to the next election cycle, tax cuts are the name of the game. That’s causing a dark cloud to form over Orange County’s budget. Individual property owners would argue that this dark cloud has a silver lining.

Orlando Tribune Housing Hoax 2007 Gavin P Smith
Housing Crisis or Hoax?

Despite the downturn in property values all across the Southeast and much of the United States, there is a growing concern that affordable housing units are also on a sharp decline, especially in Orange County. While downtown housing and towers skyrocket, and urban homeowners continue under the delusion that they can still get high prices for their properties, residents are moving further and further outside of the area in order to take advantage of any price breaks and maintain a decent standard of living.

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