Global Financial Crisis 2008

Perspective – 2008 Global Financial Crisis

At a recent International Studies Seminar, Professor Donald Frey walked the audience through the entire history of the U.S. financial crisis of 2008.  Specifically, his lecture gave the audience a better sense of how events, as far back as the late 1970s, shaped the mentality of those in government to react slowly or poorly to […]

Colombia at the Crossroads

In a recent visit to campus, journalist and human rights activist Robin Kirk joined with Tomas Uribe (son of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe) to discuss Columbia at the Crossroads – the past, present and future issues for Colombia.  These issues include drug-trafficking, human rights violations, U.S.-Colombian relations, violence, urbanization and economic development.  Speaking first, Kirk […]

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman: Brief Analysis of Energy Dependency

New York Times writer and author Thomas L. Friedman brings attention to a critical element of the climate and energy dilemma that many overlook.  In his keynote presentation as part of the 2010 Wake Forest University Energy Conference, Friedman stresses the need for a true revolution in our thinking towards energy consumption.  He presents a […]

Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia: 2010 and Beyond

At a recent International Studies Seminar, Wake Forest University Professor Charles Kennedy gave a more detailed overview of the interplay between on-the-ground politics of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia with overall U.S. national interests.  In the discussion, Kennedy focused primarily on Iraq, discussing the sectarian tensions, recent election results and the difficulties of building a […]

The U.S. Immigration Debate – An Analysis

In a nation of immigrants, the debate surrounding immigration reform continues to surface.  The book Taking Sides presents two opposing views from testimony made before the U.S. Senate in 2006.  Each makes the case for or against the economic impact on the United States.  Both find flaws in the studies of the other, and both […]

afghanistan troop announcement - gavin smith - white house

December 2009 Afghanistan Troop Surge Announcement

Personality Power Plays Shape New Policy As of the date of this paper, the Obama Administration has just approved the increase of 30,000 additional troops to be deployed to Afghanistan.  It is an issue of controversy that stems from a recent assessment by General Stanley McChrystal of the current situation in Afghanistan.  With rumblings of […]