Constitutional Interpretation Brief – Arizona SB 1070

Statement of the Facts The United States currently faces a tremendous burden regarding the constant flow of illegal immigrants across its borders.  The gridlock that remains in the polity of Washington, DC over the immigration issue, combined with the increasing rates of crime, border killings, gang violence and drug cartel skirmishes is forcing Border States […]

Alexander Hamilton

Biographical Sketch – Alexander Hamilton

Today, Americans take so many things for granted.  As a nation with a limited attention span and a constant need for instant gratification, we conveniently overlook our own heritage and the difficult work of a few statesmen almost two and a half centuries ago.  All of us have handled a ten-dollar bill at one time […]

Alexander Hamilton

Debate – Federalist Papers and the Origins of Hamiltonian Federalism

Any birth, including the birth of a nation, usually involves the pains of labor.  The birth of the United States is no exception.  The controversy over how to shape a new Constitution pitted court and country parties to form around two movements, the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.  Led by Alexander Hamilton, Federalists sought to improve […]

Bush v Gore

Legal Case Brief – Bush v. Gore

Facts: Bush v. Gore over the counting of ballots in Florida.  Specifically, both parties are arguing for or against recounts in specific counties throughout Florida.  In addition, some disputes are over “under votes”, voter intent, vote inclusion and possible numerical issues in the count. Procedural History: Further problems come from the petition to and decision […]