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Client Success Story: Cayman Healthcare Consulting

This month marks the one year anniversary for Cayman Healthcare Consulting. Launched in 2016, owner Barrie Quappe knew that she needed to get up and running quickly, with all branding and marketing ready to roll on day one.  Working on tight deadlines, Gavin Consulting moved quickly to lay out a strategic plan for the marketing launch of Cayman Healthcare Consulting.

Gavin P. Smith - Single Payer Short Analysis
Short Analysis of Single Payer as a Cost Control Mechanism

During the current healthcare debates that continue to occupy the majority of media attention in this country, many solutions have been tossed around. The NEJM panel discusses cost control and the need to balance it with achieving an ultimate goal of universal coverage. Many cost control ideas are tossed around in the discussion, with varying impacts considered. One in particular, is the framework of a Single-Payer system. While the NEJM round table gives a broad overview, this analysis will drill down further.