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Strong Financial Ratings Help County with Bond Acquisition

Lake County, Fl. — Lake County announces the sale of approximately $84 million in capital-improvement revenue bonds.  The Series 2007 Bonds will be payable from and secured by the proceeds of the local government half-cent sales tax and received by the County under Chapter 218, Part VI, of Florida Statutes.   That half-cent sales tax was […]

Environmental Program Grows In Osceola

Osceola County, Fl. – Osceola County commissioners recently approved a measure to place specific sites on a “target list” for the Environmental Lands Conservation Program created by the county.   This week, a new piece of property has been added to the list as a result of a county purchase. The County Commission has agreed to […]

Orlando Tribune - Osceola Beautiful 2007 Gavin P Smith

Keep Osceola Beautiful

Osceola County – Earth Day is just around the corner.  For those of you who do not know the story behind Earth Day, the national day of observance was the brainchild of United States Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who called for the first Earth Day to be held on April 22, 1970. Over 20 […]