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Many think of the Caribbean as a place to go to get away from it all.  The peace and tranquility of a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, and fresh tropical breezes can be very inviting.  While Grand Cayman offers a lot of shopping, tourist attractions and activities on the western side, many overlook the eastern side of the island.  It is here that you’ll find the peace and relaxation you’re looking for.  Most specifically, try Colliers Bay.

Having a Colliers condo is good for a variety of reasons.  One reason to buy a Colliers condo is the privacy.  You won’t have to worry about hustle, bustle, crime, traffic, visitors or any other distractions from total peace and quiet.  It’s also safe from storms, as the Eastern End gets a little more protection from storms with the barrier reef.  Colliers real estate is also fairly inexpensive, compared to the popular western side of the island.  You can find better deals on Colliers real estate, from condominiums to homes as it remains relatively undeveloped.  Finally, your Colliers condo not only makes a great getaway for you, but a great vacation rental that can yield income, especially from families.

Colliers Bay lies on the quieter side of Grand Cayman, just above the district of East End.  Due to a lot of undeveloped real estate, there still exist an abundance of secluded beaches with sensational views.  While you may feel that you are in the middle of nowhere, you are still just over 20 miles from the airport and the busy western side, but far enough away for seclusion.  The pace is leisurely, with a smaller population in the area of around 1,200 people.  Much of Colliers real estate is made up of condos, vacation rentals and private beach homes.  Most are locals who understand and enjoy the treasures of the area, and are only too proud to share their culture, foods and stories with you.

An advantage of owning Colliers condos or other real estate is the location.  Colliers Bay is located on the windward side of the island, offering prevailing trade winds that ensure tropical breezes that flow all year long.  If commercials of a person lying in a hammock under a palm tree outside of a vacation rental on an empty white sand beach appeal to you, then Colliers Bay is the answer.  The natural beauty of the island is particularly strong here, with a barrier reef that sits just offshore.  That reef creates a natural sound, where the water is almost as calm and clear as a pool.   Plus, owning a condominium in Colliers gives you that beach in your front yard.  Take a step out your door right onto the sand if you choose the right real estate!

Owning a piece of Colliers real estate is also good if you’re into snorkeling and diving.  Colliers Bay offers underwater sights that are world-class.  The winds make for great sailing and windsurfing, and the modest condo developments along the shore allow for large panoramic views of the ocean that are unbeatable.  Many speak of the beautiful sunsets, but in Colliers Bay, you should try a Caribbean sunrise.  They are, in a word, stunning.

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