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If your nights are filled with dreams of white sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes, there’s no better place to completely experience the fruits of paradise than the Bahamas.  The Bahamas consists of hundreds of small islands that sprout up over a 100,000 square mile chain situated in the clearest waters of the Caribbean.  From the tallest point of 206 feet at Cat Island, to smaller uninhabited islands and simple rock formations, the Bahamas provides a cornucopia of tropical landscapes of all kinds for visitors and residents alike.  Owning Bahamas real estate, especially condominiums, is not as difficult as one might think.  In fact, owning a piece of paradise can be a rewarding experience that does not have to be restricted to your nightly dreams.

There are so many reasons to own a Bahamas condo.  Who wouldn’t want to step out of their beachfront condominium onto a beautiful beach every morning or hop into the ocean right outside your door for a morning swim?  Whether you seek a vacation rental for a temporary home in the Caribbean, or if you plan to relocate permanently, the Bahamas offers inviting warm breezes, tropical surroundings, coral reefs, and plenty of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.  One reason to buy a Bahamas condo is to get away from it all.  Many wish to experience peace and quiet, while others go to live it up island style, enjoying all of the entertainment that the Bahamas offers.  And if you’re an avid golfer, you will absolutely believe you have died and gone to golf heaven!  You’ll discover world-class courses offering pristine greens and priceless views that make your golfing experience truly remarkable.  Perhaps a condominium on one of the golf courses is right for you!

The big key to the Bahamas is variety.  There are 14 main island destinations in the Bahamas, offering the most vacation spots of any tropical location.  There’s something for everyone, including beautiful ecological wonders such as coral reefs.  The Bahamas is graced with 14.5% of the world’s coral alone, offering divers and snorkelers endless magnificent underwater landscapes.

But where should you purchase your Bahamas condo or Bahamas real estate?  You’ll have 14 main islands to choose from, many offering quality or upscale condominiums and real estate.  You could choose one of the three top islands – Grand Bahama Island, New Providence Island or Paradise Island.  Grand Bahama Island, the fourth largest of the chain, provides a unique mix of world-class amenities and old Bahamian charm.  Some of the best duty-free shopping is found in the town of Freeport.  It’s proximity to the Florida coast makes it a popular destination for visitors, offering a large variety of vacation rentals and condos.   New Providence Island is home to the capital city of Nassau.  It is also neighbor to the widely popular vacation rental spot Paradise Island.  These are the most popular islands, offering the majority of cultural and entertainment activities.

For those that want truly unique Bahamas real estate or condominiums, the rest of the 14 main islands offer more exclusive properties and privacy.  From Bimini to San Salvador, each offers a unique experience all their own.

If you’re not ready to jump into Bahamas real estate or Bahamas condo just yet, that’s OK.  Find beautiful vacation rental and test the waters.  Vacationing in the Caribbean is not as expensive as one might think.  For the cost of a Florida vacation, you can experience the unique beauty of the Bahamas.  Take a closer look at the Bahamas.  You can make your dreams a reality!

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