The Griffin Report

Opportunity in Chaos?

New research by Nielsen shows 85 percent of U.S. consumers believe the country is in a recession and almost 70 percent of them believe the next 12 months are either a “bad” or “not so good” time to buy things they want or need.  This has a major impact on supermarket, food service, c-store and petroleum verticals.

Publix Expands Florida Stronghold

In a major move to strengthen their Florida market presence, Florida-based Publix Super Markets, Inc. recently wrapped up a deal to purchase 49 stores from Albertson’s, LLC. The transaction includes 15 locations in North Florida, 30 locations in Central Florida and four locations in South Florida.

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices
What a Difference a Quarter Makes

Remember those high gas prices at the pump? Remember the cries of talking heads from various media outlets chastising the greedy Big Oil companies? Just a year ago, gas at the pump hit an average of $4.50 or more throughout most of the country. In September alone, gas in Florida hit almost $5.50 per gallon thanks to Hurricane Ike and the sudden fuel shortage in the Southeast. All of a sudden, consumers were dealt a rude awakening.

Ethanol in Florida – One Year Later

The drumbeat of the green-olution gets louder and louder by the day.  However, as has been proven by society throughout history, people, laws and habits are slow to change.  It seems this also applies to the use of alternative fuels, which has been slow to move into the mainstream.

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