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Gavin P Smith Featured in WFU Entrepreneurship News

“Smith is a man of many hats and talents, whose enthusiasm and zest for life is truly inspiring.”

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by the Wake Forest University Entrepreneurship Center.  The writer asked about my life experiences, challenges and future plans. I was honored to be able to share some entrepreneurial and life lessons with current students at Wake Forest.  The article highlights some entrepreneurial moments in my life of seizing opportunities.  As well, it mentions some of my more recent activities as a “want-repreneur” and offers some tips for students who are thinking about pursuing the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship.  A special thanks to current student Karli Thode for writing this article and making my life sound so good!  Read more here: Wake Forest University Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity News

“One of the key things in entrepreneurship is being able to see patterns and opportunity, and then knowing when to seize upon it at the right moments. In 2000, I heard of an opening in the Cayman Islands and jumped on it. I didn’t even have a passport, but I filed for one fast, sold everything I owned, packed 2 suitcases and moved there. I would spend 5-6 of the best years of my life there, learning a lot and living a life few people get to enjoy as a result.”

Gavin P. Smith, 2013

– See more at: https://web.archive.org/web/20131111024154/http://entrepreneurship.wfu.edu/news/2013/10/10/the-adventures-of-entrepreneur-and-wake-alum-gavin-smith

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