Analysis – Obama Healthcare Speech

Analysis – Obama Healthcare Speech


This is an undergraduate level analysis written for a Health Policy and Administration course at a top-tier US private college. This paper, Analysis – Obama Healthcare Speech, represents my personal analysis combined with course knowledge and in-depth research. The report received top marks.

This report could be used as a guide for research, a sample analysis for reference, or for direct reference with proper citation.

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On September 9, 2009, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss an issue of both importance and controversy that has plagued the United States for decades – how to reform healthcare.  Initiated as a main platform in his bid for the Presidency, Obama is pushing for healthcare reform to occur this year.  He has set deadlines for Congress, pushing them to negotiate in a bi-partisan fashion and form a consensus on reform.  However, the debate on both sides has grown to a fever pitch.  As a result, the President chose to address a special joint session of Congress in order to give a broad overview of the problems that exist with the current healthcare system.  He also was pressed to deliver key itemized solutions that would make up his desired plan for reform.