Book Analysis – The Worm In The Wheat

Book Analysis – The Worm In The Wheat


This is an undergraduate level analysis written for a Latin America History course at a top-tier US private college. This paper represents my personal analysis and in-depth research on the book The Worm In The Wheat, by Timothy J. Henderson. The report received top marks. This report could be used as a guide for research, a sample analysis for reference, or for direct reference with proper citation.

Word Count: 1000


Confusing power shifts and agrarian struggles define the Mexican Revolution. Author and historian Timothy J. Henderson provides a fresh perspective of the period from 1906-1927 by weaving together historical context with the first-hand accounts of foreign-born hacienda owner Rosalie Evans. Evans returned to Mexico to maintain her land holdings despite post revolutionary attempts from all sides to grab them. Evans is a wily, unpredictable and anachronistic character who manages to strike fear and curiosity in men around her.