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Sierra Trading Post Retail Write-up (Excerpt)                    Gavin P. Smith 04-05-07


Fitness Equipment

Choosing the proper equipment to achieve your fitness goals is no easy task.  With so many brands and types, it can be confusing.  Not to mention how important your choice is in relation to your health.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, or how to use the equipment properly, you could seriously injure yourself.  From picking the right set of dumbbells, to buying an all-in-one home gym, get expert advice on which equipment you need to fit your lifestyle and your health goals.  Don’t forget your cardio equipment as well.  From the latest in bikes to stairclimbers and treadmills, make an informed purchase by finding out more here…

Men’s Court/Running Shoes

Whether you’re in the market for trainers, running shoes, runners, gym shoes, tennis shoes, kicks, or whatever you call them, there are a few things you should think about before your purchase.  Your most valuable parts of your body are your feet.  They support your entire body, and in turn, they need the proper cushioning, comfort and support.  Make sure your choice is flexible, with good shock-absorbing soles and most of all, comfortable on impact when you walk or run.  Also allow a 1/2 –inch extra in size to give room for growth.  What’s the right shoe for you?  Find out more here…

Men’s Workout Wear

Looking to take a leisurely jog in the park?  Maybe you’d rather do a few laps cycling around the neighborhood?  Or, maybe you just want to go to the gym and get a quick sweat.  You also have choices in what to wear.  From simple cotton shorts and t-shirt to more advanced sweatsuits, there’s a few things to consider.  If you’re looking to burn off weight and calories fast, consider a high-tech insulated sweatsuit that traps your body heat as you run or workout.  This increase in heat causes more sweat, and more loss.

If you’re going cycling, loose and comfortable bike shorts are all you need.  Depending on the situation, there’s a style that’s right.  Find your style here…

Water Bottles

While commonplace today, few know how water bottles came into existence.  In the 1970s, conservationists began discouraging the disposing of cans and glass containers by burning and burying, arguing that the debris would clutter or otherwise damage wilderness and recreation areas.  Some places began forbidding such materials by regulation. Re-usable water bottles became popular replacements among backpackers for storing consumables.  They soon crossed over into the exercise market, and are now commonplace with a variety of functional designs.  Whether it’s a simple screw-top, or a pop-up sipper top, or even a specially designed bottle to fit on a bike, find the one that you’re looking for here.

Women’s Court/Running Shoes

Tired of your old dingy shoes in the closet?  Not getting enough support and find your feet aching after your exercise?  Chances are you have the wrong style of shoe for the job.  Your most valuable parts of your body are your feet.  They support your entire body, and in turn, they need the proper cushioning, comfort and support.  For women, sizing up a pair of good court or running shoes is much different than shopping for your favorite dress shoes.  You’ll want to make sure you go for comfort over style.  Also, allow extra length and width than you would a normal dress shoe.  Finally, make sure you have a good supportive insole, especially one that conforms to the arch of your feet.  Just like any dress function, there are also different types of shoes for different workouts.  Shoes for running are designed differently than regular tennis shoes or sneakers.  Determine the right type of shoe for your exercise regimen here….

Women’s Workout Tops

Want to stay stylish and cute but still get the best workout?  Make sure you choose the right workout tops that go with your exercise routine.  For workouts with a lot of extreme motion, make sure you get a top that has fabric that will be stretchy and forgiving.  If you plan on a high-energy sweatfest, you may want to consider certain mesh fabrics that allow greater moisture transfer.  Depending upon your activity, there are a variety of tops that look great and function well for biking, swimming, aerobics, workouts, running, and more.  Next, it’s time to decide whether you want a full top, bra top, or body suit.  Depending on your preference, there are plenty of fun styles to choose from.  Find out more here…

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