Sample Withdrawal Recommendation – Vietnam

Sample Withdrawal Recommendation – Vietnam


This is an undergraduate level analysis written for a Vietnam War & Policy course at a top-tier US private college. This paper, Sample Withdrawal Recommendation for Vietnam, represents my personal analysis combined with course knowledge and in-depth research. The report received top marks. This report could be used as a guide for research, a sample analysis for reference, or for direct reference with proper citation.

Word Count: 1350-1400


This paper is based upon an exercise to play the role of a Presidential advisor, synthesizing all available information at the time in order to pose a plausible strategy directive. It contains an overview of the issues facing US government policy makers during the height of the Vietnam War, including detailed points to build a case for possible withdrawal.


The situation is dire in Vietnam and calls for the United States to make a pivotal decision.  With further destabilization of South Vietnam and further militarization of North Vietnam, the United States now faces two potential conclusions: 1) more decisive and direct involvement militarily, or 2) calculated withdrawal.  Given the events of the past several months along with all available intelligence, the latter course of action is recommended.   The United States should set a timetable of one year or less for withdrawal.  This directive is based on a study of the following: