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Do what you love.  That’s why I love to work with entertainers and events.  When you talk to the artists I represent, you’ll realize right away that their heart and soul is poured into their music.  I do the same with my entertainment and representation efforts.


They perform for the love of music and the love to entertain.  I foster that spirit.  I keep rates low and energies high to help spread quality new and cutting edge music to the masses!

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Rates & Fees:

In business, everything is negotiable.  I stay open to the specific needs of each individual musician or artist.  Here is a listing of standard rates and fees.  I can custom tailor these depending on the client and level of efforts involved.  Flexibility is key.

  • Bookings – 15% of all booked events for all musicians, DJs, bands, or other performers
  • Sunrise Clause is available for certain acts and certain situations – negotiable.
  • Management – Management is available, depending on the client, time constraints, etc. – negotiable

Contact me today for rates.


There are certain requirements that will help me do a much better job in promoting and booking you, the talent.  When you sign up with me, I will require the following from you and your group:

  • Press Kits – These can be physical or electronic.  I basically want anything and everything that you have on yourself and/or your group so that I can find every possible angle to promote you the right way.
  • CDs – If you have already pressed a CD, I encourage you to send a few copies to me.  I can then duplicate those to send out to other promoters, clubs, venues, etc. so that they can get a feel for your entire body of work.  Without something to hear, most seeking talent will pass.   If you do not have a CD as of yet, mp3s will work just fine.  Simply email those to,   along with any other pertinent information.
  • Website – I highly encourage all of artists to update and maintain personal websites featuring all of their information, including tour dates, audios, background information and more.  If you do not have one, check out my website development services under the Consulting tab.  I can provide a cost-effective solution and get you up and running within 24-48 hours!
  • Updates – Please forward over your updated information on a consistent basis so that I can also include it for promotion on my site and others.  This way, I can maximize your web exposure.  Plus, this information is helpful later for print marketing efforts.
  • Photos – If you have updated photos, band photos, photos of you in action spinning behind the ‘wheels of steel’, that’s great!  I would love copies to showcase you on my sites.  Send them over!

Contact me today for rates.

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