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With the right processes and the right plan, I make your website and digital marketing both stunning and effective. Get quality design with rapid implementation.


I provide creative solutions across the spectrum that get attention. I consolidate your marketing efforts, reduce your costs, and seamlessly integrate tools to grow your business. If you’re looking for a turn-key, holistic marketing solution that both achieves results and gives you back your time, I can provide it through Crystal Coast Media.

Need a seamless, rapid launch of your web project or a quality re-design? Get the best design, functionality, user experience and high-speed hosting from my design firm, Crystal Coast Media.



These are the types of questions that I research in order to get to the heart of your purpose and positioning and reflect those in all of your digital assets that I create.

  • What is your average customer value?
  • What is the average lifetime of the customer?
  • What is your profit per customer?
  • What is your target cost to acquire a new customer? What is your leeway here?
  • What are your growth goals?
  • What is your budget? What flexibility do you have with this budget?
  • What is a good customer and what is a bad customer?
  • What are all your marketing channels, what is the cost per channel and the return per channel?

My sites are not just simple websites. I use the best marketing integrations to proliferate your content and online presence, plus boost your traffic and business leads. I can fully integrate in email marketing subscriptions, lead generation pop-ups and forms, social media channels, payment platforms, e-commerce systems and more.


Proper user experience and responsive, SEO-friendly design that creates a cohesive flow and aesthetic appeal that correlates with your firm’s branding and messaging to create a cohesive experience. On the backend, I provide analytics integration, social media integration and lead gen integration. Visitors and search engines will love your website – guaranteed!


With an incredible amount of marketing and media experience, combined with access to a variety of virtual teams for complex projects and streamlined development processes, I can deliver top quality sites with marketing integrations faster than other agencies or providers that are too busy to prioritize your project.

I specialize in high-end development and consultancy for clients of all sizes around the globe, often involving a high degree of custom development with a focus on performance and security at scale.

I design SEO-friendly, fully responsive sites for the best user experience. They automatically adapt to any screen size on any device. And they are always retina-ready with sharp images & icons on retina screens.


Your site is delivered with very detailed documentation and will be flexible to grow with your business.


My sites are loaded with tons of useful features & options. Everything carefully prepared with love to perfection on a fully customizable, secure WordPress backbone for easy self management.


Your site will be built utilizing the fastest rendering technology, fastest caching and a rock-solid hosting server platform with 99.9% uptime guaranteed! Speed and visits will never be throttled or hindered during traffic surges.


I provide no-hassle, ongoing monthly maintenance, backups, updates and security for your website and integrations, protecting your digital brand.


I develop modern, trendy designs for your website, without hindering the fluidity of the overall user experience. Clean, fast, aesthetically pleasing and streamlined for the end user.


Tony Mosley

Gavin worked effectively, patiently and efficiently in helping me to design and implement a marketing strategy for my new role at Cayman Insurance Centre. The results of this strategy have produced results significantly above my expectations and are still used in my marketing practices today.

Tony Mosley
Life Insurance Agent, Cayman Insurance Center
Gavin Consulting Testimonial - Natalie Moore

Gavin did several amazing things for the non-profit I work with — he freed us from the previous gridlock of an outdated content management system, he networked all of our social media portals, and he did it all in a relatively short amount of time. It looks great, it works, and he delivered. That makes him a rare and valuable find! Gavin was also a pleasure to work with, which is just the icing on the cake.

Natalie Miller-Moore
Health Communications Consultant & Marketing Strategist, Miller-Moore Consulting
Gavin Consulting Testimonial - Matthew Leslie Grand Cayman
Excellent person to hire for complex projects requiring someone who can meet deadlines and provide high value resources and positive results.
Matthew Leslie
Owner, ICC
Gavin P Smith Recommendation - S Payton Egg Market

Talented and Charismatic

Gavin is a terrific writer. He takes assignments eagerly and finishes them with time to spare. I would recommend him to anyone. His level of creativity has helped my marketing firm on several projects.
Susan Guillory
Marketer, Writer, Entrpreneur, Egg Marketing
H. Terrell Griffin testimonial for Gavin P Smith

Exceptional Work Ethic

I have worked with Gavin Smith for the past several years. He has created and maintained two web sites for me, one for my business and another for a non-profit corporation of which I am the president. Gavin is a quick study in that he has always understood my concepts and made them into a reality. I am pretty much ignorant of the ways of the internet, but Gavin has walked me through the maze and helped me understand how it works. He is unfailingly polite, patient, and responsive to the needs of his customers. In my forty-two years in the practice of law, I have seldom met anyone with a better work ethic and attitude.

I have found Gavin Smith a delight to work with and believe his work ethic will make him successful in all his future endeavors. I would recommend him without reservation.

H. Terrell Griffin
Author, Attorney at Law, H. Terrell Griffin Author
Gitta Urbainczyk - Gitta's Real Estate Team - Orlando Florida

Strong Part of Our Marketing Strategy

Gavin Smith has been our webmaster as well as the editor for our weekly article for Gitta’s Real Estate Team. He manages the 60-plus websites and blogs we have and has done an outstanding job in bringing synergy and consistency and creative talent to all of them.

Since Gavin started, we have seen a much stronger internet penetration throughout the greater Orlando area and because of Gavin it is kind of hard to miss our presence in the real estate sector. Gavin also developed our luxury home website www.orlandoluxuryhomes4sale.com and with his effort we were already able to reach a top placement on Google within a very short period of time.

Gavin is attentive and follows through on the details.  He is a strong part of our overall marketing strategy and I can highly recommend him.

Gitta Urbainczyk
Owner, Keller Williams / Gitta's Real Estate Team

Valuable Asset

In 2007, The Griffin Report was the first food trade newspaper to expand to an all channel format (supermarket, food service, convenience store and new channel) format and Gavin Smith has been a valuable asset to our editorial reporting in the Southeast part of the United States.

When I assign Gavin a news or feature story I know it will be above my expectations with complete and in-depth reporting and some objective analysis. He is on time and writes clearly and precisely.

I know when I have given the assignment, I can expect the story will be well written, on time, and will have some good photos to go with it.

Mike Berger
Senior Editor, The Griffin Report

I enjoy assisting you in your journey to move to digital, create more effective marketing channels, assess effectiveness, and enhance (or re-design) your digital presence. Simply put, your success results in my success. Here are just 2 examples:

Cayman Islands National Credit Bureau

I have maintained a long-established relationship with CINCB. Since 2008, I’ve worked with CINCB to produce several iterations of their online presence as their business has evolved. In recent years, I worked with CINCB to develop brand personas for their B2B and B2C marketing. This resulted in better brand messaging cohesion across web design elements, content, email marketing and social media. It is truly rewarding to watch their continued growth and expansion.

Cayman Healthcare Consulting

Launched in 2016, owner Barrie Quappe of Cayman Healthcare Consulting knew that she needed to get up and running quickly with all branding and marketing ready to roll on day one.  Working on tight deadlines, I moved quickly to lay out a strategic plan for the marketing launch of Cayman Healthcare Consulting. I continue to work with Barrie and CHCC on a monthly basis for business support and website/email marketing updates.





Setting up a new business can be daunting and expensive. Controlling costs is vital. That’s why you’ll get a dynamic professional website plus ongoing service at lower fees. From small business to larger e-commerce projects, these options are specifically tailored to fulfill your needs and satisfy your individual budget requirements.



5-Page Website
1 Email Address
Managed Hosting
1 Social Media Channel
Monthly Backups & Updates
SSL Certificate
10GB Bandwidth
Initial payment includes setup fee of $2000 + first month’s service fee and applicable tax.



10-Page Website
3 Email Addresses
Managed Hosting
2 Social Media Channels
Weekly Backups & Updates
SSL Certificate
20GB Bandwidth
Initial payment includes setup fee of $3000 + first month’s service fee and applicable tax.



20-25 Page Website
5 Email Addresses
Managed Hosting
4 Social Media Channels
Daily Backups & Updates
SSL Certificate
30GB Bandwidth
Initial payment includes setup fee of $4000 + first month’s service fee and applicable tax.



Custom # Pages Website
Custom # of Email Addresses
Advanced Managed Hosting
Custom Social Media
Daily Backups + Extra Security Features
Custom SSL Certificates
Custom/Unlimited Bandwidth
Initial payment includes setup fee of $5000 + first month’s service fee and applicable tax.


Have an existing website which has become outdated, forgotten or sad? By applying some TLC and a fresh design, I can help your website become something you are proud of again.

Many people that I talk to have also previously felt trapped, where their relationship with a previous website designer had become difficult or impossible. With my websites, you choose whether you are in charge of ongoing changes, or me.

There are a number of crucial factors that need to be kept in mind when redesigning a website:
  • Features present on the website and how easy it is for visitors to make use of them.
  • The degree of keyword optimization with a balance of great web design.
  • Maintaining a focus between various forms of media (text, images, videos).
  • The ease in which visitors can navigate from one web page to another that is user friendly.
  • The presence of a process for capturing leads that grow your business.
  • The overall look and feel of the website needs to be engaging.

Ready for a refresh? Let’s get started.

Need a custom build with all the bells and whistles, or have a more complex multi-functional site in mind?

If you’re interested in leveraging the full power of digital marketing and social media to grow your business and/or sales, contact me with your specific needs today.

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    Additional Services

    Only need help with social media? I can create, integrate and manage your social channels for distributing your content with the right frequency and impact.

    Are you tracking your digital marketing data? Do you have a bunch of it, but not sure how to use it? I can give you one-to-one analysis and data interpretation and consulting for your business. I will provide valuable, actionable insights that you can implement to sharpen your digital marketing efforts.

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