Cox Electrical – Spec Radio Script

Cox Electrical :60 Spec Spot  12-27-06

SFX: Dramatic Organ Music Opening

Narrator:  And now, the adventures of Sparky The Bulb & Johnny Socket…

Sparky:  Hey Johnny, what’s going on, feed me more juice man

Johnny:  I’m tryin’ Sparky, I’m tryin’…but for some reason I just can’t.

Sparky:  You gettin’ soft on me Johnny?
How do you expect me to stay lit for somebody if you can’t give me power?
What’s wrong anyway, you’re usually in good shape?

SFX: Sparks and noises

Johnny:  I think my wiring is getting old and worn down…I’m givin’ off

Sparky:  Hey, watch it…*yeoow*

SFX: Sounds of fire crackling

Johnny:  Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Sparky:  Hmm..I smell something….oh no….Hey look out, you’re on fire!

SFX: Sounds of crackling sparking into a loud blaze

Johnny:  Oh no…oh no…help!

Sparky:  Clumsy…I always have to keep an eye on you….grrr.

SFX: Sounds of fire extinguisher

Johnny:  Phew, thanks Sparky!  I thought I was gonna be toast!

Sparky:  I think it’s time Cox Electrical took at look at those wires.

Johnny:  Ohhhh…you think they can fix them?

Sparky:  If not, your days are numbered, pal.  You’ll be replaced…

SFX: Dramatic music hit

Narrator:  Will Johnny be replaced?  Will he burn down the entire house?
Can Johnny’s wires be repaired after all?
Find out next time on the adventures of Sparky & Johnny.


This moment of exciting drama brought to you by Cox Electrical, reminding you
that they provide full residential services to keep your home safe and fully powered.

Prevent harm to you and your family from an electrical fire.  Cox Electrical can replace old wiring.  Contact them today at PHONE # or go online to COXELECTRICAL-DOT-COM!

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