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CondoCompany.com – Cayman Article 2 – Colliers Bay

Many think of the Caribbean as a place to go to get away from it all.  The peace and tranquility of a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, and fresh tropical breezes can be very inviting.  While Grand Cayman offers a lot of shopping, tourist attractions and activities on the western side, many overlook the eastern side of the island.  It is here that you’ll find the peace and relaxation you’re looking for.  Most specifically, try Colliers Bay.

CondoCompany.com – Bahamas Article

If your nights are filled with dreams of white sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes, there’s no better place to completely experience the fruits of paradise than the Bahamas.  The Bahamas consists of hundreds of small islands that sprout up over a 100,000 square mile chain situated in the clearest waters of the Caribbean.  From the tallest point of 206 feet at Cat Island, to smaller uninhabited islands and simple rock formations, the Bahamas provides a cornucopia of tropical landscapes of all kinds for visitors and residents alike.  Owning Bahamas real estate, especially condominiums, is not as difficult as one might think.  In fact, owning a piece of paradise can be a rewarding experience that does not have to be restricted to your nightly dreams.

CondoCompany.com – Cayman Article 1

The Cayman Islands offer a mixture of culture, calm and cosmopolitan atmospheres that make it a top destination for anyone seeking to purchase a condo or other types of real estate.  Located in the center of the Western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise with underwater adventures and tranquil retreats.  Just an hour’s flight from Miami, the islands are easily accessible.  Plus, they offer all of the top amenities of any modern country.

AllAccess.com Radio Net News samples

Rev. Al Sharpton lashed out at TMZ.com about the use of the term “Roboho” used to describe Beyonce’s BET performance outfit.  Sharpton, known recently for his hand in dealing the fatal blow to Don Imus’ long-standing career at WNBC, now has TMZ in the crosshairs.

CashLoanSource.com Cash Advance Tips

If you’ve ever been in a financial hardship where a few hundred dollars could have saved the day, a payday loan is the perfect answer.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself a few days away from payday, but need emergency cash to pay a bill that’s popped up?  Maybe the car broke down and in order to get to work, you need to pay for the repairs immediately, or face losing time and money by being out of work?  Payday loans or cash advances are an easy and quick fix.

Publisher’s Clearing House – Sweeps Tips

Always read the rules.  A lot of people waste time entering sweepstakes that they do not qualify for, simply because they didn’t read the rules.  For example, if your daughter is seventeen and enters a sweepstakes, she won’t win  if the rules say she has to be eighteen or older. It’s a shame to reduce your chance of winning to zero on a technicality.

GottaPlay Gaming

The world of video gaming is evolving. Today’s video game players have infinitely more choices and options than we did. The market has quickly evolved from the Atari. Now gamers can play on a home computer, Playstation, Xbox, or Wii, and the number of games available is astounding. To add to the convenience factor, you don’t even have to drive to a store to rent games! Now you can order video games online, and get them delivered right to your home.

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