Gavin P Smith Selected to Join Tribe Partners

Tribe Partners are actively employed alumni, successful in the world of work and keenly aware of what it takes in terms of talent and preparation to become successful.  Many of them have had experience in the recruitment and hiring process.  Tribe Partners are all people who feel compelled to volunteer their time, talent and experience with students because they share in Tribe Pride.  They love The College of William & Mary.

Gavin P Smtih Wake Forest University Entrepreneurship News
The Adventures of Entrepreneur and Wake Alum Gavin P. Smith

Meet Wake alumnus, Gavin Smith, a traditional, social, and emerging media professional with 20 years of combined experience, including 10 years in broadcast operations, on-air performance, and award-winning programming of radio stations in the Southeast US and the Caribbean. Smith is a man of many hats and talents, whose enthusiasm and zest for life is truly inspiring.

Gavin P Smtih Wake Forest University Entrepreneurship News
Gavin P Smith Featured in WFU Entrepreneurship News

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by the Wake Forest University Entrepreneurship Center.  The writer asked about my life experiences, challenges and future plans. I was honored to be able to share some entrepreneurial and life lessons with current students at Wake Forest. 

Future In Review (FiRe) Conference

Ranked “the best technology conference in the world” by The Economist, the annual Future in Review Conference takes place every spring with support from Strategic News Service and the Rodel Foundations. SNS/FiRe and the Rodel Foundations rigorously interview FiRe intern candidate finalists, with four chosen to serve as FiRe interns and, more importantly, as “FiRe Connectors”.

MBA Orientation Keynote Speech – Aug 2012

It is both an honor and a privilege to stand before you tonight and welcome you to this amazing community. If you are anything like I was when I started, you are probably sitting there feeling a million different emotions and asking yourself a million different questions:

Accepted: Thunderbird School of Global Management

I am proud to announce my recent admission to the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  At Thunderbird, I will pursue a dual/post-graduate degree to enhance my international business knowledge, awareness, cultural sensitivity and experience.  The degree, which will complement my William & Mary MBA, will be a Master’s of Global Management.

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