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Analysis – The Worm In The Wheat

Timothy J. Henderson, The Worm In The Wheat, (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1998).

Confusing power shifts and agrarian struggles define the Mexican Revolution.  Author and historian Timothy J. Henderson provides a fresh perspective of the period from 1906-1927 by weaving together historical context with the first-hand accounts of foreign-born hacienda owner Rosalie Evans.  Evans returned to Mexico to maintain her land holdings despite post revolutionary attempts from all sides to grab them.  Evans is a wily, unpredictable and anachronistic character who manages to strike fear and curiosity in men around her.  While many revolutionary texts tend to center on central figures or leaders, Henderson takes a different approach. Evans’ is the outsider.  Her foreign and gender status provides an objective, external lens through which readers re-evaluate the Mexican Revolution.

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