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“Advanced NEW Technology Could Signal The End Of Battery Chargers FOREVER!”

New cellular battery can recharge itself…for life!


This is one of the biggest advances in technology in a marketplace that is growing exponentially!


Is it possible? 

Could every human being on the planet have a personal cell phone in our lifetime?  Do you know that the cellular marketplace around the world is booming?  In fact, 50% of the world’s population will use cellular phones by the end of this decade!   It’s only a matter of time before every person on Earth has a mobile phone.


In a Word: Globalization

Whether it’s the old and reliable model that gets tossed and kicked around in the floorboard of a car, or the latest slick and stylish diamond-encrusted case flip for the fashionably correct, cellular phones mean 24/7 connection to the world.  Household phone numbers are in sharp decline as cellular continues to take over phone services across the plane of daily communication.


The number of mobile subscribers worldwide reached over 2 billion by the end of 2005, and is estimated rise to 3.96 billion by 2011. (Source: demand is spreading faster than a virus, with huge gains around the world.   With the rise of population comes the rise in need for portability.  Mobile is everywhere!


Mobile is spreading around the world.

The U.S. mobile market is poised to grow by almost 66 million subscribers between 2006 and 2011. This puts volume growth in the U.S. ahead of other strong developing markets such as Pakistan, Mexico and the Ukraine. More than 110 million Americans are already subscribers.  Japan will have a predicted 14 million net subscriber additions by 2011.  And Africa will produce an estimated 265 million new mobile subscribers over the next six years.  (Sources: DataMonitor – Global – Mobile Phones, DataMonitor – China – Mobile Phone, DataMonitor – Asia – Mobile Phones, DataMonitor – Europe – Mobile Phones)

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More Cell Phones Mean Better Accessories

With increased focus and marketability of seamless service, people are jumping on board the cellular revolution.  That’s good news for the cellular phone manufacturers, and even better news for the cellular accessory market!  With higher demand, seamless connectivity, more reliable networks, and longer talk time packages, the rechargeable battery sector stands to spike in revenue from now through 2010.


Why?  Look at the marketplace and you’ll see the answer lies just beneath the surface.  What’s the biggest push in cellular phone marketing today?  Multiple applications!  Growth of 3G, music, television on demand, MP3 functionality, VoIP, WiMax, Wireless Broadband, and much more all combined into one device mean your cell phone is going to need more juice.


With all this need for more “juice,” where will it come from?

The industry is already tripping over itself trying to put out better, longer-lasting batteries that can handle the demand.  Battery powered portable devices are a rapidly growing market. These devices require batteries that use high power, are rechargeable and lightweight. Storage batteries for portable high-power applications include the NiCad, NiMH, or Lithium Ion battery.  These 3 types account for 72% of the current battery manufacturing marketplace. (Source: IBISWorld Industy Report 01/07: Battery Manufacturing in The U.S.)


Make Batteries Your Next Investment

One of the best investments ever to present itself is just on the horizon, thanks to increased demand and advancing technologies.  Just think of how a self-recharging battery could crush that 72% market share that NiCad, NiMH and Lithium batteries make up for mobile devices.


Roy Report - AC Energy Article 3 - 2007 Gavin P Smith


At the drop of a hat, WITH NO COMPETITION, this new invention from AC Energy could be the next biggest thing since the invention of the internal combustion engine!


Wouldn’t you want to be along for that ride?


AC Energy has developed an amazing alternative energy source that allows a cell phone to operate its entire life without ever needing to be plugged into a charging outlet or cigarette lighter.


The battery charges itself! 


And the technology can also be applied to other electronics, such as hand-held video games, MP3 players, and medical equipment.


This company is on the horizon of disruptive technology. Don’t look back in a few months and be sorry you didn’t take the opportunity to invest when you had it!


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