North Carolina, USA

2010 New Venture Seed Grant Winner


New Venture Seed Grants were recently awarded to Wake Forest University students with aspirations to start new social, economic and/or commercial ventures.  The seed grant competition, which requires applicants to submit an outline of the proposed project, encourages entrants to think innovatively about how they can use their disciplinary interests to create value and make a difference.

E-Paper Global. The current healthcare system suffers from a severe lack of organization in terms of data collection and storage processes. Waste, fraud, abuse, simple human error and malpractice are just a few symptoms caused by the lack of sophisticated, centralized and smart healthcare information technology. Inspired by these problems, personal experiences and by health policy studies on the campus of Wake Forest, returning student Gavin P. Smith came up with the idea for E-Paper Global. The venture seeks to find ways to combine new and existing technologies for distribution and simplification of health information delivery in real time.

Read more here:  http://entrepreneurship.wfu.edu/newsletter/spring-2010-new-venture-seed-grants-awarded.html

NOTEworthy: In addition, my venture also received a 2010 Chambers Family Fund for Entrepreneurship Grant.  The venture is currently beyond feasibility stage and entering concept evaluation and prototyping.

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