Marketing Case: Burroughs Wellcome

Case: Burroughs Wellcome and AZT Key Players: Shepherd, Haigler, Berry Action Required:  Key players must decide whether to: Option 1:  Maintain status quo – no change to price or dosage Option 2:  Drop price per dosage only Option 3:  Drop recommended dosage amount only Option 4:  Drop both price and recommended dosage Company Factors – […]

Marketing Case: Health Cruises, Inc.

Case: Health Cruises, Inc       Key Players: Susan Isom, DeForrest Young, Investor Board Action Required:  A decision is required within 48 hours.  Key players must decide whether to: Option 1:  Abandon/Cancel the planned cruise Option 2:  Move ahead with cruise despite current insufficient booking numbers Option 3a: Infuse $6,000 to acquire a projected 20 extra bookings […]


2010 New Venture Seed Grant Winner

New Venture Seed Grants were recently awarded to Wake Forest University students with aspirations to start new social, economic and/or commercial ventures.  The seed grant competition, which requires applicants to submit an outline of the proposed project, encourages entrants to think innovatively about how they can use their disciplinary interests to create value and make a […]

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2010 WFU Summer Management Program

UPDATE 7/21/2010: Not only did I earn a spot in the Summer Management Program and win the overall business simulation, but I also placed in the Top 10 of the class, Passing with Distinction.  In addition to this great honor, I have earned an additional scholarship that can be applied to the MA in Management […]