Case Study – Roxanne Quimby

{youtube}NADaAvW5_4Q{/youtube} “The way to make a million dollars first and foremost is to make it in your mind.”

Short Analysis of Single Payer as a Cost Control Mechanism

Overview During the current healthcare debates that continue to occupy the majority of media attention in this country, many solutions have been tossed around.  The NEJM panel discusses cost control and the need to balance it with achieving an ultimate goal of universal coverage.  Many cost control ideas are tossed around in the discussion, with […]

Change We Can Believe In – Health Information Technology That Works

Change we can believe in.  That is the motto used by current President Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential election campaign.  As the debate on improving national healthcare continues, this motto bears much impact on the future of healthcare.  Most surveys conclude that a majority of Americans desire true ‘change we can believe in’ when […]

afghanistan troop announcement - gavin smith - white house

December 2009 Afghanistan Troop Surge Announcement

Personality Power Plays Shape New Policy As of the date of this paper, the Obama Administration has just approved the increase of 30,000 additional troops to be deployed to Afghanistan.  It is an issue of controversy that stems from a recent assessment by General Stanley McChrystal of the current situation in Afghanistan.  With rumblings of […]