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Events & Entertainment

Do what you love.  That’s why I love to work with entertainers and events.  When you talk to the artists I represent, you’ll realize right away that their heart and soul is poured into their music.  I do the same with my entertainment and representation efforts.

Gavin P Smith - Broadcasting and Media Consulting

Broadcast Consulting

Ratings, ratings, ratings (and money, money, money)!  Put those desires in focus with targeted research, studies, and a wealth of first-hand knowledge amassed for the past 15 years in the business. 

Gavin P Smith Audio Production and Broadcasting

Voiceovers & Imaging

When it comes to voiceovers and imaging production, only two things matter to you when you need the work done yesterday.  What two things?

Content & Copywriting

Whether you need a Press Release with a little more zing, an ebook compiled from a stack of post-it notes, or a ghostwriter for a major project, DRG Media can provide the proper creative copywriting solutions for any medium at a fair rate.

Web Design - DRG Media

Web Design & Marketing

I can provide a unique web development experience that will give you premiere performance and aesthetic appeal, but without the high expenses of designing from scratch!

Gavin P Smith - Journalist

Orlando Relocation Guide

Brief Summary:  The Orlando Relocation Guide was developed for a major Orlando real estate firm to give detailed introductory information for the Central Florida market.  It is a .pdf file available for viewing by clicking on this link: Orlando Relocation Guide by Gavin Smith – DRG Media. (may take time to load depending upon your connection […]

gavin p smith - obama health care speech to congress

Analysis – Obama Healthcare Speech

On September 9, 2009, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss an issue of both importance and controversy that has plagued the United States for decades – how to reform healthcare.  Initiated as a main platform in his bid for the Presidency, Obama is pushing for healthcare reform to occur this […]

Short Analysis – Vietnam Failures

For the past few decades, debates continue over why the U.S. experienced failure in Vietnam.  Did the U.S. suffer from a lack of total commitment from civilian leaders and handicap itself in prosecution of the war effort?  Did the military have the wrong style and plan for executing the war?  Did the U.S. ever fundamentally […]

Short Analysis – Vietnam Draft

Since the birth of the United States, a military draft (also known as conscription) has been utilized in all major wars, including the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  However, conscriptions were broad and existed only during extreme wartime needs.  There was no federal infrastructure in place […]

Sample Withdrawal Recommendation – Vietnam

Confidential/Classified To: POTUS  RE: Directive –Recommended Actions for Vietnam Conflict  The situation is dire in Vietnam and calls for the United States to make a pivotal decision.  With further destabilization of South Vietnam and further militarization of North Vietnam, the United States now faces two potential conclusions: 1) more decisive and direct involvement militarily, or […]

Sample Policy Objectives – Vietnam 1968

Memo – Confidential/Classified To: POTUS RE: Directive – Overall Policy Objectives and Recommended Actions for Southeast Asia  In the matter regarding current instability within Southeast Asia, it is recommended that the United States immediately bring all ideological, psychological, diplomatic and economic powers and means to bear on the Southeast Asia theatre, particularly in the Associated […]

Vietnam in My Life

When I was born in March of 1973, Vietnam had barely come to a close.  The Cold War was turning into a high-stakes nuclear staring match between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. throughout much of the 1970s until the late 1980s.  Those were the days of Reagan and Gorbachev, times that were marked by nuclear […]