Orlando Tribune Visionary Vacillating 2007 Gavin P Smith

Visionary Vacillating

What Is Actually Achievable For Orange County In The Near Future? ORANGE COUNTY – Orlando County Mayor Richard Crotty recently gave his 7th annual State Of The County Address, marking several goals that he intends to pursue during the coming year.  But which are fluff, and which are realistic? Crotty keenly sites various milestones of […]

Orlando Tribune - Bowl Story 2007 1 - Gavin P Smith

Perception vs. Reality

Does Buddy’s Beleaguered Bowl Bid Break The Bank? ORANGE COUNTY – Last year, I attended a downtown mixer at City Hall, where Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer spoke of bold plans to renovate of the Citrus Bowl, create a new cultural and performing arts center, and build a new sports and concert arena.  As Buddy bloviated, […]

Orlando Tribune Lou Pearlman 1 2007 Gavin P Smith

…And Justice After All?

Pearlman Pinched – Florida Return Eminent   ORANGE COUNTY – The hottest question in Central Florida on everyone’s lips, at least up until now, has been “where in the world is Lou Pearlman?”  That question was finally answered last week.  Pearlman, who skipped town ahead of federal indictments, was kicked out of Bali, Indonesia and […]

Orlando Tribune Housing Hoax 2007 Gavin P Smith

Housing Crisis or Hoax?

New housing program to slow resident migration out of Orange County ORANGE COUNTY – Despite the downturn in property values all across the Southeast and much of the United States, there is a growing concern that affordable housing units are also on a sharp decline, especially in Orange County.  While downtown housing and towers skyrocket, […]

Orange County Budget Blues 2007 Gavin P Smith

Budget Blues for Orange County

Will cuts in property tax revenue affect major programs? ORANGE COUNTY – As often seen, actions at the state level can have a profound effect on the activities at a local level.  While state lawmakers look ahead to the next election cycle, tax cuts are the name of the game.   That’s causing a dark cloud […]

Orange County Budget Blues 2007 Gavin P Smith

In The Line Of Fire

What can you do to prepare for an active hurricane season? ORANGE COUNTY – When an in-law that you just can’t stand comes for a visit once a year, the experience can be dreaded and stressful.  A similar experience is upon us again.  Hurricane season is back.   The first day of the season began June […]