Orlando Tribune Osceola Manhunt 2007 Gavin P Smith

Dangerous Traffic Stop leads to Manhunt on Narcoosee Road

OSCEOLA COUNTY – On May 19th, around 7pm, residents in the East Lake Reserve area of Narcoosee Road got a firsthand look at an army of police officers in action.  Osceola County and Orange County officers arrived with some twenty-five or more units in total.  Every side road for two miles was blocked off by […]

Orlando Tribune OCAlert - 2007

New Alert System Unveiled for Orange County

ORANGE COUNTY – With the doom and gloom of upcoming hurricane season predictions, concern for public safety recently married with technology in Orange County.  That marriage is giving birth to a new system to alert the public of dangers ranging from severe weather to Amber Alerts.  The new system, OCAlert, uses text messaging technology to […]

Orange County Transcontinental - Gavin P Smith

The “Con” in Trans Continental: Lou Pearlman

ORANGE COUNTY – There are many elusive fictional characters out there.  Some are easier to find than others.  Kids have been asked “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”, and they’ve managed to find her.  Others have been asked to look at drawings and find Waldo.  Most have, with some effort, found him too.  But […]

Orlando Tribune Red Light Program 2007 Gavin P Smith

Red Lights Could Generate Green – Cameras Coming to Orange County

ORANGE COUNTY – In life, there is one statement that always rings true.  Rumors will always abound until the truth is found.  Well, the rumor mills are cranking lately when it comes to the notion of traffic light cameras coming to Orlando and the surrounding areas.  These traffic signal cameras are nothing new in other […]

Orlando Tribune Toll Roads 1 2007 Gavin P Smith

Certainty in life: Death and Taxes…and now TOLLS

ORANGE COUNTY – You’ve heard the old saying.  “There are only two things in life that are certain…death and taxes.”  Well, that old saying might just have to be revised. The new certainty on the horizon is toll fees.  There has always been somewhat of a controversy at times with toll roads, but now that […]

Orlando Tribune - Virginia Tech UCF 2007 Gavin P Smith

UCF, Florida Universities Seek More Money for Campus Security

ORANGE COUNTY – The University of Central Florida, along with the rest of the public universities in the state, are looking to legislators for $3.5 million in fast cash to be injected into efforts to beef up security on campuses statewide.  In the wake of the recent Virginia Tech massacre, new approaches are being considered […]

Orange County Crime Forum 2007 Gavin P Smith

Commissioner Stewart Leads Community Crime Forum in South Orlando

ORANGE COUNTY – Recently, local law enforcement officials and county commissioners came together at the South Orlando YMCA for a Community Crime Forum.  Led by Commissioner Linda Stewart of District 4, the purpose of the forum was to discuss concerns over neighborhood crime and safety.  An open meeting, attended by a number of citizens, the […]

Orlando Tribune - Wekiva Study 1 2007 Gavin P Smith

Controversial Wekiva River MACTEC Study: Worthwhile or Worthless?

ORANGE COUNTY – In 2004, Governor Jeb Bush signed The Wekiva Parkway and Protection Act into law, authorizing the construction of the Wekiva Parkway and protection of the Wekiva River system.  The Wekiva River — downstream from the Little Wekiva River – has also been the focus of federal protection efforts. U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum […]